article 6

Genre: Action / Terrorist  •  Status:  In development (script available) • Budget: 7 M$ • 

Article 6 “of the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA n 2006-64 of January 23, 2006) requires investigators to sensitive issues systematically and fully justify all their actions and inquiries. If this article is justified by a respect for civil liberties in the extreme, it also follows a loss of responsiveness resulting in favorable situations to “terrorists”. This article refers to paragraph 12 of the draft where commissions monitoring intelligence activities are slowing down the investigation up to the investigators to miss the start of a jihadist apprentice. This story is based on real events.
Written in collaboration with intelligence officers, it contains facts that occurred during his last years; only the names have been changed.
It narrates the journey of five converted, trained in terrorist camps and sent to Europe in order to carry out at- tacks.
The current bureaucracy and faulty regulation of European countries will be one of the causes of their success 


The committee of external operations for Terrorist Group has validated a terrorist action project in Europe. Selected and trained in Iraq, five young Europeans are sent in Germany and France from a local sleeper cell to carry out the attack. The main intelligence services, including the DGSI, the BND and the CIA will cooperate on preventing jihadists to their project execution. This fiction tells the struggle of Anne De SANHUN from DGSI and Mickael KURZ from BND both against the terrorist cell from Iraq but also against their own administrations including regulators considerably dampen their action.