Genre: Action •  Status:  in development • Budget: TBD •

1000 years ago, on the road of silk, in the heart of Persian mountains, a sect named Hashashins was given birth. It’s leader introduced himself as a prophet.
He was called Hassan Sabbah. A well-protected secret gave him authority and power. He was so powerful that he would make empires shiver with a handful of men. One of whom was called Key, the main character of our tale... 

Hashashin tells the story of Alamut’s legend through the eyes of a young boy called Key, kidnapped early in his childhood, by Hassan’s henchmen. Talented as a kid, he quickly became one of Hassan’s best assassin and his unlimited devotion for his master will bring him to commit the worst crimes, convinced he will win his way to Heaven for a righteous cause. The creation of this character will echo the relation between a manipulative master and the devotion of a blinded follower. 

Key will act as the narrative bridge between three historical characters: Omar, Nizam and Hassan. The crooked relationship implying Hassan and this young Hashashin will revisit the symbolic notion of a spiritual father betraying his son. The son, disgusted, will find his own way and will murder his father, as much for love than for hate. The strong friendship with Omar will act as the narrative framework for the symbolic pretext of the quest for self-knowledge, of love for a cause that turns out to be fraud, and the violent disillusion that follows as well as the questioning of our spiritual perception. 

Key will fall in love with a Houri named Soraya. This passionate love will transcend the story towards the path of love, hope, and equilibrium in a world endlessly deafened by conquering and destructive appetite...