Martial Arts - 94 mins.

CAST : Yang SONG, Chenghui YU, Chengyuan LI



After witnessing his sister being raped by a nobleman, Shuangxi flees into the mountains. There, he meets a legendary old man named Judge Archer who presides over disputes between various martial arts schools. Before his death, the old man trains Shuangxi in the art of archery for three years and passes on his esteemed title. The new Judge Archer soon comes to the attention of the martial arts world and is hired by the half-Russian Erdong to avenge the death of her father. He disguises himself as a fruit vendor opposite the house of his target, an exiled general. Suspicious, the general's chief security guard Kuang Yimin sends his wife, Yue Yahong, to visit every day. Judge Archer falls in love and decides to elope with Yahong, only to be captured by Kuang. The plot thickens when he is rescued by Erdong who had hired him under false pretences.