CAST : Otgonjargal DAVAASUREN, Myagmar MONDOON, Bayarmagnai YEGUZER, Myagmarnaran GOMBO


In the 17th century, the short-lived empire of Dzungaria stretched from present-day Kazakhstan to the western tip of the Great Wall of China. 
Ahno, a young warrior princess, falls in love with Galdan, a monk prince, despite being already betrothed to his brother Senge. As the granddaughter of Ochirtu Khan, leader of the Khoshuts, her marriage would unite the two Mongolian tribes and consolidate their power in Western Mongolia. 
When Senge is murdered, Galdan renounces his life of peace, marries Ahno and takes bloody revenge. Ngawang Lobsang Gyatso, the politically powerful 5th Dalai Lama, grants his former student the title of Crown Prince and later Boshughtu Khan under which he unites the Western Mongolian Army. 
With Galdan's popularity among the people rising, a power struggle ensues between him, his uncle and his father-in-law, forcing Ahno to choose sides. And when the Manchurian Army expands into the Mongolian territory, Ahno stands beside Galdan with her bow to make a final stand for freedom at the Battle of Zuunmod. 
During the fierce fighting, when their forces are surrounded by the enemy, Ahno sacrifices her life to save her husband and son, forever changing the history of Western Mongolia.